I'll post some songs regularly and see what you think. I like almost every genre there is. Please give me feed back. Send me your favorite songs too. I'll post songs from my long time favorites, some oldies, and new songs you Must listen to. And enjoy my infinite playlist from Me to You.


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Cry (Just A Little)
by Bingo Players

Here’s a random music update!

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Glad You Came (Alex Gaudino Radio Edit)
By The Wanted

Hey guys! Guess what I’m not dead! Sorry for not posting anything forever, the reason was majority because the files were too big to post and I got frustrated and couldn’t post anything, but I decided that I will try to find a song to post and not give up and also I’ll be moving my posts to me and my friends’ Triblog and I will be posting them in my art brog too.

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Tricky Disco
By Discotronic (DJs form Mars Edit)

Sorry haven’t uploaded much. I’ve been busy working on videos for my personal blog. Check it out! My friends and I are also making a TriBlog where we all blog in one blog (me, Burnherup, and OfficialWebofgalaxies). But it’s still in the works so you might not see anything for a while.

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Noticed I haven’t posted anything? I am not gonna post anything for a while. I am going to make a new blog so I can post everything to just one blog I have about 7 blogs and I can’t manage all of them at once so I’m going to make just one! I’ll post my new blog later once I create it so stay tuned!!! The first 5 followers that follow me will get a prize! :) so don’t forget to check back for the link.

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Take You Higher (Radio Edit)
by Goodwill & Hook N Sling

Once again I couldn’t post yesterday’s song, because tumblr doesn’t let me post audio files bigger than 10MB. This is why I don’t post frequently. I apologize,but luckily I have a great song today. It’s one of my favorites, my friend recommend me it to me and I couldn’t stop listing to it. You probably know her (Webofgalaxies.tumblr.com). Do you guys have any album requests? I would like to buy a new album to give it away in next week’s giveaway. Message me for any albums you would like me to give away.

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Happy Violence (Original Mix)

by Dada Life

Here is today’s mix. I deeply apologize for not posting anything in a while…. again. I AM SORRY!!! I am a very busy person. Well i hope you enjoy this tune. Tomorrow i will post the vocal remix, tell me which is better in your opinion. I will be going out to Best Buy this week to buy a CD for next week’s giveaway!!! so stay tuned for that announcement! 

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Funplex (CSS Extended Remix)
by The B-52s

I pressed shuffle on my music player and this is the first song that came up…enjoy :) bringing you back to the 80s. Sorry u haven’t uploaded anything in a really long time. I’ll be giving away a new pair of earphones next week so stay tuned.

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